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  • Why Do Men Ignore Ladies They Adore?

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    Do you ever end up staring at a man and wondering precisely what he REALLY wants from you. What he REALLY dreams about? What he REALLY wishes for inside a woman? Should you choose, you’ lso are certainly not on your own.

    Based on relationship expert Texting guru michael fiore (who’ s appeared over the Rachael Ray display and was interviewed by Time Magazine), the main thing women wish for will be the ability to BROWSE MEN’ S THOUGHTS and know how guys REALLY feel.

    Sadly most guys can never open up to a woman and there’ s in no way been a method to obtain the actual TRUTH as to what goes on in their minds. So far.

    Texting guru michael fiore recently sent a simple, very survey to a list of over 20, 000 men asking one amazing question. “ What’ s the one thing you wish the woman in your life understood about men, but could NEVER let her know? ”

    If you’ d like to learn the answer to that question (what men want sexually, emotionally and intellectually… why men lie to women, why men be unfaithful on women and so much more) you have to stop precisely what you’ re carrying out and go watch this particular video right now…

    One more thing about men which why do they lie all the time with the women? My good friend Texting guru michael fiore (he’ s a nationally known partnership expert who’ s helped thousands of women understand men and who even appeared upon Rachael Ray) says there’ s actually THREE reasons that men lie to women (and two of them are actually pretty innocent… here’ s the first one which tends to SHOCK lots of women. )

    Michael says that men lie to women because men are SCARED of women.

    Not physically (not generally, though occasionally heard about a girl going all “ Bobbitt” on her behalf man. ) No, Michael says men are scared of women’ s FEELINGS.

    Discover, it might audio weird, but emotions are actually more difficult for guys to deal with and also to recover from with regard to guys than they may be for girls. Based on Dr . Bob Gottman at the College of Washington (right within Seattle) women could both enter and get over extreme emotional states a LOT faster and easier than guys could.

    If you think about this, it makes sense. We’ ve all seen a woman burst into tears one instant only to be completely fine 5 minutes afterwards. But when it comes to emotions, guys certainly are a lot more “ fragile. ” Gottman says it’ s because of evolution. Men were evolved to become one taskers. Obtaining “ emotional” for girls is a lot like bouncing off a dock in to a lake. You get wet, sure. But the dock is right there and just a few seconds afterwards you’ re safe and dry… However for guys, “ getting emotional” is like getting dropped in the center of the particular ocean.

24 Responses to “Why Do Men Ignore Ladies They Adore?”

  1. Plenty of women need to sit together and aknowlege everything about the subject even when he’s sick. Saying

    things like “you are so cute!” or “you are stupid” within an apparent sexy way as you possibly can. Basically ignore them

    because i am busy with assignment work they need to play chilverous even when their girlfriend is incorporated in the same

    class. Whether they have their girlfriend together within the hallways it’s like they are “King & Full” of

    the college they are in. Many of them act by doing this: if your girl likes him he functions like she does not exist

    even when they are saying “Hey nice hair! It is so cute!”, but when the lady hates him to be this kind of

    attention hog that they does not even want to speak to him he needs to get all sexy like treated the women

    who adore him like garbage but opposite for your one girl, or needs to behave like an ordinary desparate

    pervert even when he’s ladies guy! And that i know women popular/average/unpopular do like popular men but,

    it’s frightening in school because they do not care when the guy is vocally abusive but adore him how’s

    that even teasing :( . However i hate how i must endure the drama since i hate individuals men in

    highschool as their character is simply too pathetic: only holding the doorway for me personally, saying “excuse

    me” even when i am not within their way, attempting to look awesome walking past me within the hallways, plus they keep

    speaking for their buddies around saying “I am gonna get her pregnant”/”Yeah I raped her”/”She’s gonna

    get std’s”. I am just glad they don’t wish to murder me, beat me up, or want me to marry them to ensure that

    they’ve got treatments for me like needing to be their mother. but, what’s really odd would be that the most

    popular guy of each and every class needs to keep close track of me like attempting to make me laugh.

    But i am chubby, socially shy, not getting the very best grades, and :( helplessy fart alot. why would

    anybody wish to flirt with this! I am talking about i actually want to be single up until the day i die ):<.

    One pathetic thing is that they're guys 5'8"- 6'4" and when they walk past me like "ooh i'm so tall!"

    and i'm 5'2 1/2". It makes me feel miserable because i just want to draw, read manga, listen to music and stay close to god :( .

  2. A Love Story by JitimKim


    larry was a stand up guy who had a beautiful mind
    one of those guys that women looked ever so hard to find
    he was smart, he was liked, he was caring, he was kind
    he was always on top of his game, never was he behind

    but larry was destroying his life, and his friends could all see
    that larry had a problem because he always had to be,
    drunk off his asss and yelling all the time
    or asking around, trying to buy another dime

    killing his brain, gettin dumber by the day
    every nite he’d have his way and have another tab to pay
    although he didn’t know it, it was obvious to say
    that larry was slowly throwing his life away

    he met a girl who loved him and he did the same
    but she didn’t like his habits and she thought that they were lame
    she asked him to quit and many times he did
    only to start again, it was like video games to this kid

    he asked her to marry him and stupidly she said yes
    he promised to quit his habits and said she was the best
    the lovebirds bought an apartment and lived together in their nest
    but day after day the man could not pass the test

    constant fighting, constant drinking
    she kept asking herself, “what was i thinking?
    she fought a battle for his love and to booze she would lose
    she would pray to above for help with his abuse

    she began to lose faith, and she didnt know why
    why her one and only soulmate always seemed to make her cry
    one day things got out of hand and he punched her in the eye
    she cried and she tried, to convince herself that lar was still a good guy

    black and bruised, mistreated and abused
    lost and confused, she felt like she was used
    she finally packed her bags and said “im done with this fued”
    “do u really think i care? he slurred “good luck finding another dude!”

    she cried on the way out, and moved far away
    larry was now by himself and alone he would lay
    and this way he would stay until the day
    that the Good Lord took his life away

    when she heard about the news, she sat down and cried
    her kids asked why and she lied that her best friend had just died
    her new husband frowned, to see his miserable wife
    she had just lost the true love of her life

    she went to his grave and wept some more
    she began to scream and couldnt ignore
    the feelings inside for the man she had adored
    and from her eyes, more than tears began to pour
    it was the saddest story you could ever recall
    she got in the car and continued to bawl
    the story about a man who lost it all
    because he fell in love with lady alcohol

    didnt even notice it was this long, words just kept flowing out

  3. I do not have it. It truly irritates me that a lot of people appear to become picking on Taylor Quick nowadays. Especially supposed grown ups who use the internet to go over their jealousy and hate of her in forums. What did she ever do in order to deserve such mean-spirited critique?

    I believe ahe is really a greatly gifted youthful lady who creates nearly all of her very own tunes. And she or he is really very beautiful and sexy! However these people say her tunes are silly and immature. Thay attack her on her success. Well, I’m not a teenage girl. I’m a 52-year-old guy who respects Taylor and transpires with think she’s incredibly gifted and beautiful. Who’s she harming by discussing her gifts using the world?

    In class, the women made fun of her or overlooked her. WHY? She’s so pretty! Now all individuals women desire to be her. Other country stars are jealous of her. Don’t you think understand that youthful bloodstream like Taylor could generate new fans and improve their audiences? Yet George Johnson has stated she must go find another area of music to stay in.

    I enjoy her and thus do a lot of you. I had been selected on in class too and so i sense of her and identitfy together with her. She appears to become a quiet, gentle, intelligent girl. People appear to resent a 20-year-old who’s now super-effective and hang for existence. Taylor appears to become handling her worldwide fame with dignity and sophistication.

    Please tell me your ideas on the experts keep trashing her and will not leave her alone. I wish to listen to all Taylor Quick fans.

  4. she wont allow me to die my hair she wont allow me to grow my hair out and she or he wont allow me to do anything whatsoever els help????

  5. I have been with this particular 35 year-old guy for approximately 9 several weeks in the beginning, all appeared so great, handsome dude, good job, very affectionate and caring, etc… The only real factor I possibly could complain of was he would get REALLY upset sometimes over something irrelevant or take offense in short which was not offensive whatsoever! (however i loved that in the beginning, coz I figured this can be a real guy who’d put me back to my place Basically ruin! – observing which i seldom ever say anything that may be offensive, and when i actually do, apologize for this later)

    Over time by, he was still being very affectionate, always saying he loves me and marry me and it is craving to boost a household by my side. Then, he began saying to put on this not too, to consume this & not too, to visit a fitness center (despite the fact that I are actually really attractive).. Basically obtain a telephone call from the male friend, he’d request who it’s and why this friend is asking me where I’m and other alike stuff…

    Most importantly, together with his raging temper, more often than not he’d create an problem from anything, then finish the discussion abruptly, simply to message me the 2nd day as though nothing major happened, saying he loves me and adores me and that he was sorry and wouldn’t try it again In order to ignore me and wait that i can address him, he then would act as the Upset victim making me apologize and so forth…

    Recently I am beginning to consider this guy doesn’t have self esteem whatsoever and it is really insecure, for this reason he attempts to control everything, me incorporated (he informs me to not be that confident about myself, which i should not expect everything from him – also, he never got us a single gift!)

    PS: he develops from a wrecked family. I truly love him but I am concerned in our future & kids as to carry on together

    Exactly what do you ladies/gents think?

    Any comment is welcome and highly appreciated!!

    Thanks all :)

    Sorry men i am unable to rate your solutions since im merely a level1 !

    Nuclear-eco-friendly u r absolutely right, he is doing undermine me to feel good abt themself.. happened a great deal really for him to initiate fights like hell, then having seen me sad or crying, he’d start joking and creating beside me and all sorts of that baloney!

    Thanks all for the solutions!

  6. all queries that hit home, lately from the very intelligent black lady that requested some accountability. His nervous response ended up being to joke about new footwear, that was an off subject attempt. He eliminates the actual issues which are dividing America and just further campaigns and pushes his agenda and ignores a realistic look at leadership. Another note to think about may be the help that Eleanor Roosevelt gave to Franklin as he faced dilemma, but Michelle couldn’t be another Eleanor Roosevelt even when she channeled her spirit through certainly one of her voodoo pals!

  7. sooo many youthful women have enhancements, which just look disgusting and abnormal. So why do women think large breasts are essential? And dont they already know countless men just adore women with small breasts?

  8. I have been getting trouble getting my 180 day old cavalier king charles spaniel to consume. She’s attempted Iams and Wellness, and it is presently on Rachael Ray. I’d rather not get her mounted on wearing chicken broth or anything.

  9. gail C said on

    I’ve been with this 35 yr old man for around 9 months; at first, all seemed so good, handsome dude, good job, very affectionate and caring, etc… The only thing I could complain of was that he would get REALLY upset sometimes over something irrelevant or take offense in a word that was not offensive at all! (but I liked that at first, coz I thought this is a real man who would put me back into my place IF i screw up! – noting that I hardly ever ever say anything that could be offensive, and if i do, apologize for it later)

    As time passed by, he was still very affectionate, always telling me he loves me and marry me and is craving to raise a family by my side. Then, he started telling me to wear this not that, to eat this & not that, to go to the gym (even though I happen to be really good looking).. If I get a phone call from a male friend, he would ask who it is and why this friend is asking me where I am and similar stuff…
    Above all, with his raging temper, most of the time he would create an issue out of anything, then end the discussion abruptly, only to message me the second day as if nothing major happened, telling me he loves me and adores me and he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again OR to ignore me and wait for me to address him, then he would play the role of the OFFENDED victim and make me apologize etc etc…

    Lately I’m starting to think this man has no self confidence whatsoever and is really insecure, this is why he tries to control everything, me included (he tells me not to be that confident about myself, that I should never expect anything from him – he also never got me a single gift!)

    PS: he comes from a wrecked family. I really love him but I’m concerned of our future & kids if we are to continue together

    What do you ladies/gents think?

    Any comment is welcome and highly appreciated!!
    Thank you all :)

  10. The Beatles said on

    my closest friend is completly obsessive about Jared Leto and she or he bring him on an every day basis like he will eventually come and whisk her way. Yes, it ‘s best to dream but she makes me wish to party my mind against concrete, she talks a lot about him. We prefer to write random tales from monotony. after i have and idea and she or he comes with an idea for any part im designed to write i am instructed to either not get it done an pay attention to her b*tch or get it done her way and never pay attention to her b*tch and so i just choose the first. so when ever her b*tching fails she wears her ipod device and ignores me.

    she constantly wants sex inside it. every two pages of wide ruled notebook paper is simply too much and she or he wants me to create them and needs me to get it done her way cause ‘she bad at it’ BULL! She’d another girl write a component and that i declined to complete anytihng after wards cause i did not such as the other girl one bit. irrrve never have and that i won’t. how do i get her to prevent acting like this type of ninny? and we are newcomer incidentally.

  11. SKATEskum said on

    Why would a guy do that? Like he should be a buddy and that he recognizes that I’d strong feelings for him previously and that he stated to possess them for me personally. He likes female attention and it has an enormous ego and loves to function as the ladies guy before his mates..fair enough.

    Only one day I come outdoors of labor for any smoke & I see him speaking for this lady, she adores him, and so i apologise cause I type of knocked into them. He states hello & then later on looks awkward, makes my office & is actually nice, but he sees I’m embarrassed & just a little hurt, though I’m great to him cause it’s none of my company.

    BUT following day, he’s still awkward, however he brings her into my office to make use of something & she is about him. As well as on another occasion, he’s flirted together with her at the front of me, averted from your talk to offer her a large hello, and danced together with her before me on the work evening.

    I dont get why on one side he attempts to make available is certainly not happening, then alternatively he rubs my face inside it?

    Also, the evening he was dancing together with her, well the following day he pops up and it is throughout me, panicky even and extremely mindful, like as he was into me. Then the following day, it had been to teasing together with her?

  12. http://world wide,,912168.story

    The Marxist Democrat sheep blame use of guns in other States, three dimensional ink jet printers are now able to “print” gun components–will we must prohibit guns and computer systems and three dimensional ink jet printers?

  13. I met a boy a couple of several weeks ago. It had been a longdistance factor. We spoken for hrs, late in to the evening, early in to the morning. We never dated however i loved him alot. I later discovered he was dishonest beside me in the jump. He already were built with a girlfriend and “wasn’t thinking about rapport with [me].” Once i discovered, I erased him from my messenger and from my fone since i never wanted to speak with him again. I’ve not spoken/seen him n a number of several weeks. Today I received a mysterious text saying “Is not it ironic? We ignore who adores us, adore who ignores us, love who hurt us and hurt who loves us. As well as your thinkin of individuals 2 ppl.” I did’n recognize the amount and so i requested “Who’s this?” To my shock he responded it’s him and that i was PISSED. I have been upset since. I wondering if I am bitter. Since him, i am convinced most males come from the Demon. =) I did’n reply back cause i’d absolutely nothing to say. I usually have something to state. Is he attempting to start something?

  14. If he understood the real good reputation for the lady he adores, would he have the ability to look themself within the mirror? even better would he be married for you, or would he be the man you’re dating

  15. Here you’re given two options. Together with your complete honesty, I really want you to choose one, and just one without any exceptions or modifications.

    Because of the choice, can you favour:

    A). Only have 1 existence time mate. He’ll be faithful, loyal, kind — quite simply, he will not have curiosity about other women, except you. The only real bad thing is, the relaxation from the males in the world will completely ignore you, they will not know you exist or provide you with compliments. Just treat you want a normal Joe Schmoe, and never even flirt.


    B). Each and every guy in the world will thank you, they provides you with sincere compliments. Everyone will like you alone. The only real bad thing is, you cannot have physical connection with any males — no hugs, no kisses, no sex, etc. But each and every guy you take into will flirt with simply you and provide you with attention.

    Should you needed to pick backward and forward, which could it be? It’s not necessary to explain why, but when you would like, proceed.

  16. Im in a terrible terrible situation. I am 27 and have 2 children. I was with my husband for 9 years and he was always a wonderful person (no drinking, loving, not jealous, didnt party) but he was very involved with work. I always loved him dearly and would not even consider cheating… until i had my second child and was at home alone almost every night. I would make dinner and he would be late, he was tired, he was stressed! Sex life wasnt as good as it could have been. He always felt terrible but never did anything to change the situation. I started going out with my friends more (like he suggested) and met someone at a club. This person was really nice and we both just talked for an hour or so while my friends danced. I started to talk to this person on a casual basis and became very distant from my husband. We began to argue more and when i told him that I had feelings for someone else and wanted to end things.. he would not accept it. He said we couldnt and that i was crazy for considering it. I stuck to my word and just ignored him. We finally decided to end it 3 months later after he found out that i was talking to the other guy. Our famlies were very upset and didnt really accept it.. Inside i wanted to talk to this new person but didnt want to hurt anyone. My husband (and I) was really upset and we went through many emotions (mad, sad) I kept telling myself I would end things with the new guy (who is also amazing and so loving and caring) .. it didnt feel right. I think that cheating on someone is sick. I hate cheaters, but became a cheater:(
    My husband and I are serated and deep down i knew i still love so many things about him. He is ao kind to everyone, sweet, loving and can provide for our family. We have GREAT convos..

    I have been talking to this new person for … 3 years now:( (i have tried to end things, but miss him so much, we are exactly alike. we talk about everything.. except the ex husband!! )he hasnt met my parents and i still keep him a secret. He doesnt know that i talk to my ex.

    My ex husband changed everything in his life.. he is now a wonderful father and wants to make time for family.. i told him 1.5 years ago i would try to make things work because i feel like i cant let him go.. we dont see eachother much, it feels off, but he is so so nice! I dont know what to do.

    I see my bf about 5 times a week and my ex when i come home on tues and thursdays. (he usually sleeps over and takes kids to daycare)

    I need help. Ive been in this situation for 3 years and i hate myself. i went to counceling with my ex, but couldnt tell the councelor about all of my problems.

    My coworkers think im still married because im so ashamed and get friends know about the new guy!!! no one knows the truth but me. Im worried ppl are going to find out.. im so sick writing this.

    - i am in love with both of them
    - I have tried to leave both of them but feel sick and can never do it
    - i have cheated on both of them with each other but would NEVER consider cheating with anyone else
    - Through all of this, we are good to the kids adn they have no clue this is going on… we have a nice home and wonderful famlies.
    - my ex husband and i split time with the kids, even though were ‘working on it’ he watches them at my house tues and thurs until 9 and every second weekend… (i stay out on tues and thurs but slee p at home every second weekend)
    - its weird and the new bf has nooo clue. We now have mutual friends and I adore them
    - not many ppl actually know I cheated because my ex didnt tell them (thank god)

    I really need to change this NOW. I usually push it out of my mind, but cry myself to sleep whenever I think about my nasty situation. HOW can i get out of this rut? all help is much appreciated.


  17. I have 4 wonderful kids,who i adore,but,9 months ago there dad lost his job,and i cant cope with him in the house anymore.I know it sounds selfish but for the first few moths i was really supportive,i tried to help him find another job,but to no avail.I love him dearly,but he is doing my head in!!!! Now as a lot of you ladies know being a stay at home mama with four kids is not easy,add to the equation a lazy lout of a husband and my peaceful home life is in ruins.Im seriously thinking about going back to work,but i KNOW FOR A FACT my hubby wouldnt cope with all the mess,and the kids and the school run,and the swimming lessons,and the trips to the farm and the ball park,the playground the washing cooking cleaning ironing bathtimes homework and find the time to eat sleep etc… fact looking at that list im amazed i cope myself…………thing is hes making me lazy…..when hes sitting around doing nothing,i dont want to do anything,what do you think,should i go to work and allow him to ruin my lovely home or should i force him to get a job and out from under my feet.

  18. JDOGG1122 said on

    Okay, so my loving & adoring fiance’ got me the engagement ring of my dreams. A 3stone diamond weighing 2.5c & it is just gorgeous. My friends& family all praise it, but my soon to be MIL has something different to say.

    She asked her son why he got me such a ring. Suggested to him that he take it back& exchange it for something much smaller. Told me that I do not need something that big& that I could slam it against something& break the diamonds off. She has a pathetic tiny diamond, so I was on the assumption that she is jealous maybe?

    However, she’s been harping on it for months. Every single time I see this woman she asks why I haven’t got a new ring yet. So what would any of u ladies do? Would u just ignore her, would u mouth the hell outa her& put her in her place? B/c I’m close! Yet I don’t want that to be on my mind during my big day. Are all MIL this annoying???

  19. MAK & CHEESE said on

    Can someone please tell me how to get over this (no sarcastic comments please) as im genuinely upset. I went onto my husband computer and found that he had been looking and downloading sites, they are not pornographic just ladies with big boobs. I have spoken about to him but he dismisses that i’m really upset. I have got big boobs so why does he feel he has to look at these sites. im 42 and we have been together for 27 years. in these years he really has had little interest in sex which i end up crying most nights because of this and now i realise why! These models are in their 20′s and skinny but with big boobs (not fake) and it had really made me feel inadequate as a women. i have put weight on i am now i size 12 but after having a child alittle wobbly. he says he doesnt want me to lose weight but why look at something which im not as in young beautiful and skinny. has anyone else been through this or if a man answering can you please explain because my husband wont he just shouts at me and says im snooping on his computer which i wasnt i went into history to retrieved something. x
    thank you to all but one for your lovely sensible answers. I did need an answer to stop me from over analysing so KARMA…thank you so much. I cried when i read your answer as it made me feel that someone does understand how i felt and feel. I have had a good cry with my husband in which i said i couldn’t talk to him because he would get cross and he actually sat and listened to me. And not only did you Karma send me some love which was really thoughtful i heard those 3 little words from my husband and had a huge cuddle which made me feel so much better. so thank you to you and everyone xxx

  20. nothin_nyce1 said on

    1 and 2. Boy/Girl twins: First names must be names that could be nicknames for other names (ex Nathan, Bob), Middle names must be at least 3 syllables

    3. Girl: First name must mean beautiful/pretty/etc. , middle name must be a nature name

    4. Girl: First name must be two syllables, middle name be one syllable

    5. Boy: First name must be a place, middle name must have a meaning that involves numbers

    6. Girl: Fist name must be a season, but it can be a name that means that season in another language too, middle name must be a virtue name

    7. Boy: First name must be your favorite actor, middle name must be a character that actor played

    8. Boy: First name must have the same amount of letters as your first name, middle name must have the same amount of letters as your middle name

    9, 10, 11, and 12: Quadruplets 2 boys and 2 girls: One first and middle name must both ahve to do with water, one with fire, one with air, and one with earth

    Feel free to add pictures, personalities, and ages. Ones with more detaila re more likely to win best answer.


    1 and 2. Xander Demetrius and Rissa Marietta- 17. They are both athletic and outgoing. They are both on the swim team, Rissa does gymnastics, and Xander runs track. They are very popular and well-liked.

    3. Callista Rowanna (Callista means most beautiful one and Rowanna like the Rowan tree): 13. She is very much a girly-girl. She is in middle school cheer and on the dance team. She wants to be prom queen in high school and wants to be a model some day.

    4. Lina Mae: 11. She loves reading and telling stories. She wants to be an actress someday and is already very talented. She is very creative.

    5. Athens Septimus (Athens. Greece and Septimus means seventh son): 10. He is very, very smart. He loves math. He also loves playing pokemon. The other kids at school call hima geek but he doesn’t care.

    6. Winter Grace: 6. She is very pretty but very shy, and quiet. She is a very sweet little girl. She is very small for her age. She loves ballet.

    7. David Hamlet (David Tennant played Hamlet once): 5. He is a very serious and calm little boy. He is very compassionate and would like to be a doctor someday.

    8. James Nicholas (Tiera Mychelle): 4. He is usually very happy and friendly and loves making people laugh but mess with his family and you’d better watch out.

    9, 10, 11, and 12: Hali Marina (both mean of the sea), Aiden Blaze (Aiden means fire and Blaze like a blazing fire), Skyler Kalani (SKYler, and Kalani means the heavens), Demetrius Gaeos (Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and Gaea was the goddess of the earth): 2. Hali is sweet, optimistic and cheerful, she is also very adventurous. Skyler is a hyper little thing around people she knows well but can be very shy around strangers. Aiden loves to meet new people and has never been shy in his life. Demetrius is quiet and observant and when he does speak it’s something worth listening too.
    (from left to right: Aiden, Hali, Demetrius, Skyler)

    “Xander, Rissa, Callie, Lina, Athens, Winter, David, Jamie, Hali, Sky, Aiden and Demmy”

    Have fun! :D

  21. Every Sunday dressing up catching gossip at its worst
    Couldn’t see the difference in the Baptist and the Catholic Church
    Caught up in the rapture of the first chapter and second verse
    If we all God’s children then what’s the word of the reverend worth
    Taught early that faith is blind like justice when you facing time
    If we all made in God’s image then that means his face is mine
    Wait or it’s that blasphemy it’s logical it has to be
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    to go inside. Yo, living in mass confusion
    Looking for absolution
    The gas seducing and psychopath produce the last solution
    Based on his interpretation of what the words were saying
    Trying to get to God but ended up doing the work of Satin
    Religion create the vision
    Make the Muslim hate the Christian
    Make the Christian hate the Jew
    Make the rules of faith
    That you condition to and to you gotta follow
    And God forbid you go to Hell
    But if you ever walked through any ghetto then you know it well
    We in the third eye of the storm

    The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
    Just because the lord is my shepherd don’t mean I gotta be no sheep
    You feel me?
    More blood is spilled over religion than anything in world history
    We saying the same thing

  22. how would ladies react if their husband told them they had an intense belly button fetish

  23. happyha31 said on

    I’m 20 years old and my friends and family tell me how beautiful I am. I used to think the same thing untill I met this guy who only wanted sex from me. I am not a whore I’ve only had sex with three men who I’ve been in a committed relationship with for a while, so it has been very difficult for me to experience this. He made me think we were going to date. He told my friends and even my family that he really liked me and I talked to him for months before I gave in. After I did, he stopped talking to me as much. Come to find out he is a big time player and sleeps with bunch of girls. I got mad and cussed him out when I found this out bec he played me just like the rest and I don’t deserve that. It made me feel low like a piece of ass. He used it against me saying I am a crazy b**** for telling him how I felt. He is a very calm collective outgoing smooth talker. I fell for this and I guess it also has a lot to do with him pushing me away. They say we ignore the ones that adore us and adore the ones that ignore us.. this is so true. I haven’t slept with him in two years much less talk to him. I see him everywhere because we have the same group of friends and when I see him its so awkward for the.both of us. All of his friends try to take me out and he is the one holdings me back because I don’t want to mess around with his good friends even though he seems not to care because I do still like him a lot and I think about him all the time. I’ve tried to move on but its so hard, I feel like he likes me to because he randomly texts me sometimes out of the blue asking how I’ve been just small talk then one day he asked me to come over and this was just one month agoi kinda got mad and said no I wont bec all you want is sex, he replied telling me he wants to find a good girl who’s not a slut and settle down bec he is tierd of just hooking up and today he is still single since two years ago since we had our thing. It just makes me think there is still hope.

  24. Here you are given two choices. With your complete honesty, I want you to pick one, and only one with no exceptions or modifications.

    Given the choice, would you rather have:

    A). Have only 1 life time mate. He will be faithful, loyal, kind — in other words, he won’t have interest in other women, except you. The only downside is, the rest of the men on this planet will completely ignore you, they won’t even know you exist or give you compliments. Just treat you like a regular Joe Schmoe, and not even flirt.


    B). Every single guy on the planet will adore you, they will give you sincere compliments. They will all like only you. The only downside is, you can’t have any physical contact with any men — no hugs, no kisses, no sex, etc. But every single guy you run into will flirt with only you and give you attention.

    If you had to pick between the two, which will it be? You don’t have to explain why, but if you want, go ahead.
    Interesting answers. I had a conjecture that women loved attention more than a relationship. I guess I was wrong.

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